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A Holistic Hairstylist in Akron, OH


Who: Megan Rae Bailey

Where: Salon Lofts Akron, 1741 W. Market Street Akron, OH 44313

LL: What was your motivation for choosing an eco friendly hair care line?

MRB: My motivation came from seeing the wastefulness of my industry and illusion of choice as far as product lines go and the heavy chemical content of hair care products.  There are many ingredients that are still permitted for use in the US that have been banned in many other countries throughout the world, much like we see in the food industry.

LL: Why is using an eco friendly hair care line important to you as a hair stylist?

MRB: I developed dermatitis on my hands and wrists and was starting to have respiratory issues as well from doing keratin smoothing treatments and using ammoniated hair color.  It is important to me because everything I put on my skin and my clients is going into the bloodstream and affecting the skin.

LL: Are you always looking for new and better products?

MRB: I keep an eye out for great products but have found most of what I’m looking for in the brand I’m using now called Oway or Organic Way. It is so far the cleanest, most sustainable product line that also offers high performance hair color without ammonia, harsh chemicals, or artificial fragrance. We collectively call ourselves the “holistic hair tribe”. We believe in a generally more holistic way of life and way of taking care of our clients.

LL: How do you stay up to date on what’s happening in the area of organic hair care?

MRB: I am always learning more about the products and the company with ongoing classes and online seminars that they offer.

LL: Why do you describe yourself as a holistic hair stylist and how did you make the decision to go down this path vs. a traditional hair stylist? Why is it an important distinction for you to make?

 MRB: I think the demand is definitely rising for safer hair care services as people become more conscious of what they’re putting in and on their bodies. I enjoy the distinction of Holistic Hairstylist because to me it means I’m keeping it real, if you will.

I am there to listen to my client, to make them the best version of themselves they can be so they can live THEIR most authentic life. I personally like giving clients a hairstyle that will maximize their features and natural hair texture with a level of maintenance they are comfortable with. I offer the safest, cleanest products on the market and a safe place where people can feel free to be themselves.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup or put on high heals and curl my hair every morning before work and I know most people don’t either. I believe you can be chic and be your best self without poisoning yourself, harming the earth, or changing everything to fit in or be on trend.



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