‘Going organic’ doesn’t mean ‘Going broke’

10 Love Local Items under $10

We all know eating organic is better for your health, the environment and our food system. When foods are grown naturally they add to the longevity of our environment instead of depleting its nutrients.  When something is USDA Certified Organic it means the crops must be grown naturally, without fertilizers, pesticides or genetic modification. Animals must eat only organic feed, cannot be treated with synthetic hormones or antibiotics and must have access to the outdoors! Organic products must be held to the same standards and contain only non-toxic ingredients.  Organic is safer for our delicate bodies and can be returned to the earth responsibly.

All-natural ingredients don’t need to be a strain on the wallet.  It’s cheaper to buy in-season fruits and vegetables. The generic brands of almost all organic ingredients are cheaper than the name brand– and are just as good! 

Here’s a list we compiled of long-lasting Love Local approved products that won’t break the bank! 

  • Enter your zip code into Love Local to find a farmers market near you! Buying fresh, seasonal produce in bulk is inexpensive, nutritious and fun! Bring your own bag and load up!
  • Skin products can get really pricey. When you take it back to the roots and only work with natural ingredients your skin and pockets will thank you. The Face Soap Bar from Rejuva Mineralsis only $7.95. It’s moisturizing, exfoliating, safe for sensitive skin and chockfull of vitamins. No packaging is a sweet added bonus! 
  • Beeswrap offers 15% off of your first order! Their wax wrapsreplace saran wrap, last for a year, are compostable, can be used in a myriad of ways and all three sizes are less than $10! 
  • Marley’s Monsters has a washable spongefor only $10. They come in fun prints and can be used forever! Just throw it in the washing machine to reuse. They’re made from recycled materials and are mildew resistant. You’ll never have to buy- or throw away- a smelly sponge again. 
  • For the sweet-loving folks, Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookiesare only $6 a bag. There are seven delicious, organic, guilt-free and fair-trade varieties. 
  • Dirty Dog Organicswants you to have the best of the best for your fur babies. They offer 15% off your first order, a gentle $7 shampoo, $7 conditioner, $7 fur freshener, and a $10 Itch and Ouch Balm. Their all-natural, organic ingredients will soothe and nurture the skin of your active pooches. 
  • Green up your space with some plants! Houseplantsfilter the air, are a natural, light humidifier and improve your mood! Wild Ridge Plants ships over 70 different kinds of live plants for under $10! 
  • Sunscreen is always vital, but as the weather gets warmer and we’re outside more often it’s important to say safe from the rays. Thinksport has you covered with their sunscreen stick, it’s easy to throw in your bag or pocket for on-the-go application. They have one for adults and one for kids, at $8.99.  They have eco friendly packaging, one of the highest rated sun care lines for over five years and use safe organic ingredients, great for even the most sensitive skin. 
  • Greenshield Organic makes a $5 container of Fresh Mint scented multi-surface wipes. All of their products are organic, come in sustainable containers and the wipes themselves are made from a wood pulp base.  They’re conveniently available on Amazon or select retailers. 
  •  Laxmi’s Delights sells three unique flaxseed spreads for $10. These flavorful and versatile concoctions can go on almost anything; ice cream, sandwiches, toasts, waffles, bagels, baked veggies, really anything you want. 

Healthier, safer and more sustainable choices are easier to make with Love Local!

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Rayn Dudzikowski

Rayn Dudzikowski is the social media content manager for Love Local.