Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Company


Founded in 1984, first as a roaster, then as a successful café, Alta was one of the first coffee roasters in the nation to switch to all organic coffee. We adhere to the philosophy that coffee not only has to taste great, it has to be okay for the planet. Located on the Westside of Santa Cruz, California, we are blessed with an environment that feels clean, healthy and organic. Since coffee is grown in some of the most beautiful regions on the planet, we could never support farming practices that adversely affect the health of a landscape. From Ethiopia to Bali, Costa Rica to New Guinea, everywhere our beans come from must be treated well.


Phone Number

(831) 427-3373


Company Leaders

  • Patti Spooner


2712 Mission Street Extension
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


USDA Organic


  1. 5

    Best Coffee in Santa Cruz. Great people and absolutly delicious coffee.

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