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In the early years of Eel River Brewing Company a friend came to co-owners Ted Vivatson and Margaret Frigon asking for a “naked” beer, free of pesiticides and all that bad stuff. In the spring of 1999, Eel River Brewing Company came out with their first certified organic beer: Organic Amber Ale. Realizing the benefits of organics and the lack of organic beers on the market, Ted and Margaret took the step to fully certifiy the entire brewery. Eel River Brewing Company has been brewing organic ever since. Stop by their pub and restaurant to taste or schedule a brewery tour.


Phone Number

(707) 725-2739


Company Leaders

  • Ted Vivatson
  • Margaret FrigonMargaret Frigon


1777 Alamar Way
Fortuna, CA 95540


USDA Organic


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