The original restaurant of James Beard Award-winning chef Alex Seidel, Fruition is a Denver mainstay serving approachable, top-quality, sustainable food in a friendly neighborhood setting. Seidel also has a 10-acre farm that’s home to an artisanal sheep’s milk creamery, heritage-breed hogs, Italian honey bees and a fruit and vegetable garden.¬† Seidel sets the ultimate example for what excellent and responsible food should be with an almost entirely farm-to-table restaurant. ¬†Visit the Mercantile and coffee bar where you can pick up a coffee and cheese and charcuterie for your entertaining needs. The Mercantile strives to tell the story of each product, connecting consumers and their food.


Phone Number

(303) 831-1962


Company Leaders

  • Alex Seidel, Owner & Executive Chef


1313 E. 6th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218


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