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Created by native Chicagoeon and farm-to table pioneer, Jason Hammell, Marisol is a vibrant celebration of seasonal food and an immersive art experience. Enjoy a coffee at the communal tables or a cocktail at the bar, but stay for a menu that’s just as thrilling as the decor. Named after the famed New York artist and Andy Warhol’s friend, Marisol, the restaurant is just as unique and cutting edge as she is. Chris Ofili and Johnston Marklee did a miraculous job reimagining the interior of the historical Museum of Contemporary Art to create a fresh, chic experience. Come with an adventurous attitude, as the menu changes daily.


Phone Number

(312) 799-3599


Company Leaders

  • Jason Hammel, Executive Chef


205 East Pearson Street
Chicago, IL 60611


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