Beyond Microgreens helps to fill the gap in your nutritional diet by infusing herbs with organic broccoli and kale microgreens to make delicious and nutritious teas. Stephen Cowan founded the company after touring the amazon rainforest and realizing how powerful plants are and how much they’re needed in our future for food and medicine. There are dozens of microgreen options- from broccoli to kale to radish, pea shoots, and sunflower. The best part is they’re all a superfood in this form. No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used.  Beyond Microgreens has also recently added a CBD option and every new tin has 30-40 servings and 400mg of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD that’s organically grown and vapor-distilled. All teas come in recyclable and reuseable tins. 



Phone Number

(708) 586-9297



Company Leaders

  • Stephen Cowan, Founder


P.O. Box 2280
Boulder, CO 80306


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