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Sacred Chocolate® is slowly stone ground below 115 degrees Fahrenheit from bean to bar and is hand poured and hand wrapped with much love, gratitude, and high “phi-bration” in a small custom-designed, certified organic, certified vegan, certified kosher, carbon balanced, 100% renewable energy factory in California. Our raw chocolate only includes healthy sweeteners such as Maple, Coconut, Inulin from Jerusalem Artichoke, Erythritol, and Stevia. We are committed to creating the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate in the world, and educating people on the super-food properties of RAW chocolate.


Phone Number

(415) 883-1311


Company Leaders

  • David Wolfe
  • Steve Adler


24 Digital Drive, Suite 10
Novato, CA 94949


USDA Organic


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