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Vintage Jacket

Elizabeth Graf has always had a love for vintage.  “The imperfections and stories behind every piece of old jewelry and furniture fascinate me. There has yet to be a vintage typewriter, metal box or wood crate I didn’t like.”  For Graf, vintage represents an opportunity for creativity and sustainability.  When lingering over quintessential vintage graphic tees, she had an idea. 

Launched mid-pandemic, MadAndie, named after her daughters, is Graf’s passion turned business. With an eye for graphics, “…graphics are being revived as nods to music, sports, pop culture…”, she began collecting graphic sweatshirts and tees.  She started sewing, adorning high quality flannels, jackets and shirts with graphics from her amassed collection of graphic tees. She also revives vintage military duffel bags, brocade dresses, tweed blazers and handcrafted quilts to craft her Cross Collection. 

MadAndie Jacket Back
MadAndie Jacket Label
MadAndie Jacket Front

“Why buy new when there are such wonderful pieces out there with a lot more character and of higher quality? Why not breathe new life into what already exists and celebrate the past?”

With that sentiment, Graf allows her imagination to run wild as she re-invents and handcrafts each one-of-a-kind piece. Fall in love with the whispered stories of the past melded with classic, timeless styles. From sports teams to classic rock band memorabilia and even just amazing fun graphics, MadAndie makes unique pieces to suit any personality. 

“Every piece tells a story with every sign of wear or even a drip of paint or bleach. They are beautifully made .…”

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