The Love Local Shop

Love Local expands it’s small business directory to include an online shop. 

Caring for the environment is an integral part of the Love Local mission, as is supporting small businesses. Love Local married the two by creating a curated directory of businesses that are actively cultivating a cultural shift towards sustainability. The store is a way to further engage in shifting how people shop and think about their environmental impact.

To start, the shop will feature carefully selected low waste products available in themed collections. Each product was chosen for its sustainability; the ability to be reused, composted or create minimal waste and how it was made. The store is launching with three product collections: kids on-the-go, first aid and zero waste groceries.

The kids collection features everything little ones need for plastic-free lunches or snacks. This collection will replace plastic bottles with a Pura stainless steel water bottle and plastic utensils with Zefiro Waste’s reusable cutlery set which includes the standard utensils as well as chopsticks and three straws.  We also include a reusable napkin made by No Trace and a set of Lunchskins washable sandwich and snack bags to replace plastic Ziploc® bags. Kids will love the bright colors and fun prints while learning to create less waste by using these products.

The zero waste groceries collection includes everything you need to eliminate plastic wrap and plastic bags from grocery shopping.  Reach for a reusable Love Local tote and Zefiro Waste’s washable produce bags instead of plastic grocery bags. Three sizes of Treebee beeswax wraps replace plastic wrap and a glass spray bottle with a recipe for produce wash will make it easy to clean your fresh produce.

The first aid collection is aims to eliminate petroleum based products from your first aid kit. We’ve included a set of seven Zefiro Waste cotton rounds, replaced plastic Band-Aids with Patch biodegradable bandages, included a bottle of Music City Suds insect repellent for summer, and lastly, we replaced Neosporin with a calendula healing salve. These items come in a handmade, first aid zipper pouch.

Being mindful and acting with the intent to preserve rather than harm the environment is paramount to our lives and livelihoods today. The Love Local shop will help promote low waste living by offering products that make eco-friendly lifestyle changes easy and fun!

Visit the Love Local Shop.

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Jen Culler Liepis

Jen is the founder of Love Local.