Love Local is a curated, online directory of small businesses, farmers markets and farms across the U.S. that prioritize sustainability in their business practices and offer organic, sustainable products and services. We also offer low waste product bundles, for kids on-the-go, food shopping and first aid. Head to shop.lovelocal.com to check them out.

As consumers, we have the ability to vote with our wallets.  Love Local makes it easy to find and support small businesses that are working to help create a green future.  We’ve done our homework, so you can be confident that you’re supporting a local artisan, purveyor or farmer who is ethically and sustainably minded. 

Jennifer Liepis, Founder

Growing up I never thought twice about using big brand skincare products, buying a cheap t-shirt without knowing its ethical origins, or the perils of eating boxed macaroni and cheese.  As I got older and became more aware of corporate disrespect for consumers and the environment, I began searching for products that were made by smaller companies. Real people who cared about my well-being and were conscientious of their impact on the planet.

It felt good to support independent brands who were making sustainable products but there was nothing more frustrating than finding out a big corporation bought out a brand I liked: Clorox took over Burt’s Bees, Hain bought Avalon Organics, Odwalla sold to Coke, General Mills now parents CascadianFarm Organic and Smuckers took over Santa Cruz Organic.

It took extra time and research to find companies whose values aligned with mine and there wasn’t one place I could go to learn about and find truly independent brands, bringing Love Local to fruition.

Love Local covers so much. We list farmers markets across the U.S. with up-to-date information, making it easier than ever to buy locally grown food.  Search Love Local for everyday items, farm-to-table restaurants, an organic ice cream shop and so much more.

What it takes to be listed

Each company on Love Local has been researched to ensure each company’s values, mission and actions align with our principles.  Below are some of the criteria used to evaluate the companies for inclusion.


  • Privately held, employee or customer owned companies
  • Responsible stewardship of the environment and people

Product Manufacturing

  • Made in the U.S. or under fair trade principals outside the U.S.
  • Operate with respect for the longevity and health of the local environment and community
  • Responsibly and sustainable sourced raw materials
  • Low or no waste mission


  • Organic, biodynamic and non-toxic ingredients
  • Sustainable, compostable or recyclable packaging
  • Cruelty free


  • Humanely raised and processed animals
  • Organic and biodynamic farming practices
  • GMO free

While Love Local might not replace your Target run, allow it to inspire you to shop small whenever possible.