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The spirit of Ambatalia started in Mill Valley in 2004 believed to be the one and only brick and mortar fabric store solely focusing on cultural and environmentally sustainable textiles. Ambatalia eventually turning into a textile goods company keeping the environment being the focus. Molly de Vries is living her passion and takes pride in her work. This is where the original bentobag, kitchen furoshiki was brought to market. We are very excited that foodies and knitters alike use our goods, and we still pride ourselves as a deep green company,  a part of the slow movement where quality, ethical local production, and the earth are our priority.  

We are proud to ethically manufacture all of our goods in California and we never use unnecessary packaging when transporting our goods to you.



Phone Number

(415) 259-9582



Company Leaders

  • Molly De Vries , Founder


129 Miller Ave. Suite #401
Mill Valley, CA 94941


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