Kale Salad


Lighthouse is a bright, fresh-focused restaurant honoring local fare and sustainability with intensity. Their should-be-boring food is done exceptionally and affordably. Fostering relationships with local growers allows for ingredients like chicken to brought to the restaurant straight from a farm. Happy hour features organic, biodynamic wine that you probably won’t see on your weekly trip to the liquor store (and all corks are recycled and repurposed). The atmosphere is of a warm, casual California weeknight, charmingly opposing the normal gritty Brooklyn grind. Co-owner and sustainability pioneer, Naama Tamir is obsessive about reducing waste, ensuring the kitchen composts as much as possible. Stop by any time from Tuesday-Sunday to experience the best tahini-dressed grilled vegetables New York has to offer. 



Phone Number

(347) 789-7742



Company Leaders

  • Asaf & Naama Tamir , Owners
  • Joey Scalabrino, Executive Chef


145 Borinquen Place
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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