Lula Café

Chef plating food


Lula Café is arguably the best farm-to-table restaurant in Chicago. Chef Jason Hammel is first to the market each week, in a hurry to create his famous ever-changing Farm Dinner. Forever inspired by foods of the season, in eighteen years he has never made the same Monday-night Farm Dinner twice. Each course is formal, fresh, beautiful, intricate and youthful. Conversely, brunch is “simple yet sophisticated, with ingredients like farm-fresh eggs and porridges made from cornmeal ground at a local mill” but is sure to satisfy even the most mature palette. Lula Café offers catering services as well for weddings, intimate dinners, cocktail parties and more.


Phone Number

(773) 489-9554


Company Leaders

  • Jason Hammel, Owner and Executive Chef


2537 North Kedzie Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60647


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