The Love Local Founding Story

Photo of Love Local Founder, Jennifer Liepis

After years of living in New York City, working in digital advertising and music marketing, I realized I wanted to influence people in a different way.

The inspiration for Love Local began with my interest in eating organic and supporting businesses that cared about my health as much as their profits. I started to seek out and buy from local shops. I paid more attention to the products I bought as well as the companies that made them. Since then, my goal has been to inspire people to lead healthier lives by helping them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Love Local is a curated directory of small businesses, farmers markets and farms whose business practices and product offerings are sustainable. It features hundreds of small businesses and thousands of farmers markets and organic farms, and is constantly growing. By shopping the brands featured on Love Local, you can be sure your supporting small businesses that respect the health and wellbeing of consumers and the environment.

Love Local embodies and promotes a sustainable lifestyle, where purchasing decisions are made thoughtfully.  I hope this inspires you.  Start today.  Search a product or a zip code and discover the incredible small businesses that are making a big difference.

Author Details

Jen Culler Liepis

Jen is the founder of Love Local.