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Refilling Hope in Boston

UVIDA storefront

UVIDA began as a passion for using less plastic. Founder Maria Vasco was a junior at the University of Massachusetts when she was awarded a university scholarship that would propel her toward her goal of opening a zero-waste store. For Maria, UVIDA fulfills multiple aspects of her long-term vision to create a safe space to talk about anxiety around climate change and to provide accessible solutions.  UVIDA, Boston’s first and only zero-waste shop, offers a wide range of plastic-free products and a refill station for everything from sunscreen to dish soap.  The shop also features a house plant corner and a selection of vintage items, including clothing and home decor.  Her store isn’t simply a store; it’s a gathering place meant to bring people together. 

Described in the name “vida,” Spanish for life, Columbia native Maria added the  “u” to create the unique name, UVIDA, meaning you contribute to life on earth.  It’s a reminder that we all have an impact on the planet, but we can control whether it’s positive or negative. UVIDA provides everything you need for a zero-waste lifestyle, including products and a support system. So much more than simply a zero-waste store, UVIDA offers the community a safe space to talk about climate anxiety while offering a way for consumers to make a difference. Maria continues to expand the UVIDA community, inviting all to join. She features local artisans and brands at in-store pop-ups and workshops. You can also head to one of her maker’s markets to mingle and meet like-minded people. 

Maria is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that align with their values.  Driven, ambitious, and bright, Maria has accomplished so much in a short period of time. We’re excited to see what the future holds for UVIDA.

Visit the Boston storefront, 395A Washington Street, Brookline, MA 02446, or follow UVIDA on Instagram to stay current on all their happenings.

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Jen Culler Liepis

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