Brand Spotlight: Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a brand that will transport you to a picturesque field, filled with vibrant flowers, accented by a soft blue sky. A Los Angeles based brand with roots in an earth friendly ethos, founder Christy Baskauska started making dresses based on her favorite dress styles. Striving to have a low environmental impact, they brought designs to life by using dead stock material. Dead stock is material cast aside by large fashion houses which no longer have use for it. This detail adds to the allure of Christy Dawn pieces, as the number of dresses made in a specific print are solely based on the amount of fabric that’s available. 

Since the brands inception, the collections have expanded to include denim, loungewear, footwear and accessories, all made with organic cotton and up-cycled materials. The exploration of new products hasn’t been at the expense of their eco-friendly principles, au contraire, the brand has stayed true to their sustainability initiatives. Star studded collaborations, with Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and denim shop Madewell, have helped perpetuate the brands bohemian vibe and their values. At checkout, you can choose a minimal packaging option and, for a small amount, even opt to make your order carbon positive. Baskauska’s esthetic shines through in every aspect of the brand; earthy, spiritual and eco-friendly.  In addition to textiles, they offer natural bath products, books and moon calendars. Honoring mother earth is the soul of this brand.

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“When Mother Earth wins, we all win.’’ –  Christy Baskauskas, founder of Christy Dawn in an interview with The Glitter Guide

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